Looking for an RN Residency Program that Gets Results?

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The need for highly skilled, educated ambulatory care nurses has intensified in today’s changed health care world. As a result, new graduates are in great demand and many nurses are transitioning into new roles.

The AAACN Ambulatory Care Registered Nurse Residency Program is an evidence-based resource that helps your RN staff gain the knowledge and skills they need to practice in the ambulatory care specialty. Your retention rates will increase and your patients will benefit from a confident staff who provides safe, top-quality care.


Customizable For Your Needs
Designed for managers, directors, and educators, the AAACN RN Residency Program gives you the content and tools to build and launch your own program:

  • A curriculum guideline
  • Competency assessment (procedural and professional) guides
  • Clinical rotation guidelines
  • Checklists and templates           
  • Simulation guides
  • Preceptor and mentor tools