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Deena Gilland

AAACN Leader Interview: Wave of Patients Needing Ambulatory Care Nurses

In a recent interview with Repertoire Magazine, AAACN President-Elect Deena Gilland explains how ambulatory care nurses are handling COVID-19 and "the wave of patients who need care outside the acute care setting."

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Kathleen Martinez

Bonding with Patients: AAACN President Interviewed About Ambulatory Care Nursing

“Ambulatory care nurses meet people where life is lived: in schools, community centers, clinics, and in their homes,” AAACN President Kathleen Martinez tells Minority Nurse, in this interview on ambulatory care nursing careers.

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Anne Jessie, DNP, RN

Ambulatory Care Nursing Roles Flourishing, Anne Jessie Says in ANA Career Guide

AAACN Immediate Past President Anne Jessie describes the many ambulatory care nursing opportunities that continue to grow in this 2021-2011 Education and Career Guide from the American Nurses Association (ANA).

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Margaree Jordan-Amberg

AAACN Expert: Telehealth Boom Has Industry Embracing the Technology

More than ever before, patients and providers turned to telehealth during the pandemic. This has many leaders and experts in the health care industry rethinking patient care delivery and streamlining processes, Margaree Jordan-Amberg, AAACN Telehealth Special Interest Group Chair, says in this interview with Northwest Missouri State University.

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Telehealth is Safe and Growing, AAACN President Tells Voice of America

AAACN President Kathleen Martinez explains why patients’ reliance on telehealth and telephone triage has grown - and will continue to do so - in this interview with Voice of America.

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Chris Ruygrok

AAACN Secretary Chris Ruygrok Interview: Enriching Patients' Lives

Christine Ruygrok, national secretary/director, AAACN Board of Directors, joins some of the country’s top nursing leaders to describe her passion for nursing in this article.

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Kathleen Martinez

AAACN President Kathleen Martinez Discusses Role of Ambulatory Care Nurses in National “Nurse Appreciation” Campaign

Kathleen Martinez was interviewed for a special “Nurse Appreciation” campaign published by Mediaplanet and distributed nationwide in USA Today.

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Nurse Residency Programs: Two AAACN Leaders Interviewed by

Laurel More and L. Jessie Jones-Bell, co-chairs of the AAACN Academic and Practice Partnership Task Force and co-authors of AAACN’s nurse residency program, spoke with on the value of nurse residency programs for those looking to transition from school to practice.

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AAACN Expert: Telehealth is Here to Stay

Margaree Jordan-Amberg, chair of AAACN's Telehealth Special Interest Group, was interviewed recently by University Business on why telehealth and videoconferencing will remain essential for providers and patients even after COVID-19 is tamed.

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AAACN Director Deena Gilland, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN

Demand Spikes for NPs - AAACN Director Deena Gilland Tells HealtheCareers

There's a surge in numbers and career interest for nurse practitioners, who have a central role in care delivery, AAACN Director Deena Gilland, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, says in a recent interview with HealtheCareers titled, "A Huge Surge in NPs."

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ileen Esposito, DNP, RN-BC, CPHQ

More Nursing Career Choices Than Ever: AAACN Leader Writes for Special Health Care Publication

AAACN Director Eileen Esposito, DNP, RN-BC, CPHQ, was published recently in a special health care supplement for Mediaplanet, letting the public know the crucial role of ambulatory care nurses and how the pandemic has brought their roles in public health, complex care, telehealth, and leadership to the forefront.

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Future of Online Learning

AAACN Experts Featured in Article About the Future of Online Learning

Two executives who work for AAACN's management company, Anthony J. Jannetti, Inc. (AJJ), were interviewed recently about the online learning and virtual conference innovations the company has made to deliver quality nursing education to clients. Read what Director of Education Services Michele Boyd, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, and Director of Online Learning Celess Tyrell, had to say in this Elite Healthcare ebook cover story, "The Present & Future of Online Learning."

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E. Mary Johnson, BSN, RN-BC, NE-BC

E. Mary Johnson, RN - In Demand Nursing Specialty: Ambulatory Care Nursing

AAACN Past President E. Mary Johnson, BSN, RN-BC, NE-BC, discusses why ambulatory care nursing is one of the most critical and in-demand nursing specialties today in an interview with

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Anne Jessie, DNP, RN

Anne Jessie Discusses Life-Saving Role of Care Coordination

AAACN President-Elect Anne Jessie, DNP, RN, was interviewed recently for an article, Nursing Care Coordination Between Healthcare Providers Can Save Lives, as part of an 'Empowering Our Heroes' campaign launched by Mediaplanet and USA Today.

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Kathy Mertens Explores Nurse Retention; Describes Her Own Career Path

Post-Pandemic Nurse Retention Strategies - Kathy Mertens, AAACN's immediate past president, was recently interviewed for this article on how to retain top talent, nurture leadership, and increase nurse retention, especially during the high-stress pandemic.

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Spotlight On Kathy Mertens, DNP, MPH, RN - by OR Today Magazine. Some nurses almost seem to have been born into the profession. Kathy Mertens isn’t among them, but that hasn’t limited the impact of her work or the trajectory of her career.

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Anne Jessie and Deena Gilland

Recognizing Nurses is Essential: Two AAACN Leaders Interviewed by

It's critical to let nurses know in personal and meaningful ways that they're valued, according to AAACN President Elect-Anne Jessie and National Director Deena Gilland. They offer their suggestions on ways to boost spirits and the positive ripple effects that result in this interview with Carole Jakucs.

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Assanatu (Sana) Savage, PhD, DNP, FNP-BC, RN-BC

Why Leadership Matters for Nurses

Nurse leaders are essential to bringing the nursing industry forward, especially during tumultuous times like the present. With a global pandemic disrupting life as we know it, nurse leaders are needed to advocate for the safety and health of nurses and those they care for. Assanatu (Sana) Savage, PhD, DNP, FNP-BC, RN-BC recently shared her thoughts with Minority Nurses® on the importance of nurse leadership to the profession as a whole, as well as patients, the health care industry, and our communities.

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Quanna Batiste-Brown and Deena Gilland

Two AAACN Leaders Address Nurse Burnout

Deena Gilland, DNP, RN, NEA-NC, FAAN, and Quanna Batiste-Brown, DNP, HCSM, FABC, RN, NEA-BC, discusss nurse burnout with Carole Jakucs of

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Linda Alexander

AAACN CEO Linda Alexander Shares Successful Strategies for Conference Attendance

The 44th Annual AAACN conference in 2019 had the highest attendance in the association's history. AAACN CEO Linda Alexander tells PCMA why.

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Kris Grayem

Kris Grayem Featured in "Careers in Nursing" Book

AAACN 2019 President Kristine Grayem, MSN, CNS, PPCNP-BC, RN-BC, shares the rewards and challenges of ambulatory care nursing in this Salem Press book.

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AAACN Gets Monster Media Coverage

AAACN President Kristene Grayem, President-Elect Anne Jessie, and Past President Debra Cox were all recently interviewed by for a special series about nursing careers. Kris, Anne, and Deb represented ambulatory care nursing; they promoted your specialty and increased understanding of what you do on this leading career website.

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Silent No More: Nurses Are Finally in the News

Florence Nightingale would have gasped: Nurses are the single largest group of health care professionals, but are quoted only 2% of the time in America's news media.

In this article, AAACN's Media Director, Janet Perrella D'Alesandro, describes why mainstream media too often passes nurses by and what we can all do to increase the public's understanding of nurses' roles, skills, and knowledge.

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